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OK MAYDAY’s sound was born from many different musical influences. Stephen, David and Kelly all started playing classical instruments at a very young age. Stephen Lee’s father, a well-known bluegrass bass player, played an undeniable role in Stephen’s progression as a musician. Matthew Osborn, a pastor’s son, gained a lot of his musical sense, playing and learning from drummers and singers in his church. Kelly and David Bollmann grew up in a military family with 11 siblings who are all musically inclined. What has tied these guys together is over a decade of playing the Virginia Beach music scene and their incredible supportive families.

The four band members are seasoned songwriters, having worked with artists such as Timbaland, J-Cole, Keri Hilson, Haley Reinhart, and Nashville producers Dave Elkins and Paul Moak. In between their band activities, and writing projects, they are currently scoring an independent film.

Five years ago this budding project was drummerless. After several promising auditions Stephen reached out to a long time friend who he had been collaborating with musically for over ten years. At the time, Matt was the front man of a pop indie group. After just one audition and some face time with Kelly and David, this singer-slash-drummer was the perfect fit.

The evolution of OK MAYDAY did not happen over night. Countless long nights, while working nine to fivers just to pay the bills kept these guys humble but driven. During a radio interview Matt explained, “We want to remind people that it’s not just been Fairies and Unicorns on our journey, but that it’s really hard and there have been some tough and serious sacrifices!” Kelly summed up the interview well, with, “What may have been a jagged beginning has turned into a well-polished music-making machine.” 

OK MAYDAY’s upcoming release is about their profound hope in humanity. “We actually have a lot of hope and faith in humanity,” postured David, “What if you are the change and the hope that the world needs, or heck, even the hope I need!” Although OK MAYDAY is just a baby band, its veteran musicians and songwriters have set the pace to be one of the biggest new bands of 2015.

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