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You want access to a wide variety of music in all genres, and you want service. You don’t have a lot of time so you want the process of locating the music you need to be fast and efficient. Once you’ve located the right music, licensing needs to be measured in days—not weeks. You also have a limited budget so you need to know that there is creativity and flexibility in pricing.


At ole, we have access to music in genres ranging from urban to country, from pop to R&B to swing and big band hits to one-stop, indie. Our Catalog Development Group will work with you during the early developmental stages of a project to source a selection of potential material. We’ll create demo compilations appropriate for the project and deliver them online for your consideration. Once songs have been selected we will work to fully license all materials quickly and efficiently through online search engine and online application forms. 

Whether you’re a music supervisor, film or television producer, creative director, video game producer, ISP, MSP or record company, we’re committed to delivering a service that makes your job hassle-free.


Our experience and international contacts allows us to quickly and efficiently access all genres of music. Our global collection network gives us the ability to police all music collection channels, regardless of location, and manage collections across diverse cultural and business environments.


To be the best and most innovative global destination for world class songwriters, composers, and management talent and the first choice music source for creators in all media.