Helen Murphy - Chief Executive Officer


Jonathan Menezes - Director, Finance
Michael Kassabian - Interim Controller
Jackzon Tan - Manager, Accounting
Mina Rahmani - Senior Financial Accountant
Ecaterina Georgescu - Financial Accountant
Yingxi Liao - Senior Analyst, Corporate & Investor Relations
Yasmin Mostafa - Accounts Payable Supervisor
Scott Doak - Senior Analyst, Financial Reporting
Christina Lefas - Treasury Analyst
Eric Poon - Financial Analyst
Lauren Edward - Financial Analyst
Prasad Lad - Financial Analyst
Elena Ryabova - Financial Analyst
Vishal Malhotra - Financial Analyst
Eric Ly - Financial Accountant
Chris Macut - Accounts Payable Clerk
Kevin Lumbre - Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Jummai Musa - Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Corporate Affairs and Development

Gilles Godard - Senior Vice President, Publishing


Ryan Eng - Vice President, Acquisitions
Sal Fazzari - Senior Director, Acquisitions
James Webster - Senior Acquisitions Analyst
Paul Fautley - Research & Support Analyst

Information Technology

Jennifer Meldrum - Director, Information Technology
Evan Fillier - Manager, Information Technology
Justin Bisaillon - Senior Product Manager
Valeriy Loskutnikov - Senior Developer, Conductor
Albert Liu - Senior Ruby Developer
Jenna Pemkowski - Product Analyst
Durval Smith - Support Technician

Legal & Business Affairs

Jason Klein - Vice President, Legal and Business Affairs
Adam Nathanson - Director, Legal and Business Affairs
Adrian Battiston - Director, Legal and Business Affairs

Legal - Asset & Information Management

Jennifer Correia - Director, Asset & Information Management
Alana Foti - Paralegal, Asset & Information Management
Yona Shereck - Digital Asset Archivist, Asset & Information Management


John Ozier - Vice President, Creative
Tim Hunze - Senior Director, Creative
Lauren Lieu - Senior Coordinator, Creative
Alexandra Tamashunas - Coordinator, Creative/Label Services

Business Development

David Weitzman - Vice President, Business Development

Finance & Administration

Chris Giansante - Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration


Nicole Pratt - Director, Administration
Michelle Aguiar - Manager, Registrations & Deal On-Boarding
Michael Greaves - Manager, Royalty Processing & Reporting
Melissa Barber - Senior Client Services Manager
Seán Sutherland - Manager, Client Services
Beth Husnik - Client Services Manager, Film & TV
Maggie Hidderley - Client Services Manager, Film & TV
Marina Eckersley - Client Services Manager, Film & TV
Tanya Van Luven - Client Services Manager, Film & TV
Sandhya Khanna - Client Services Manager, PML
Micah Cantrell - Client Services Manager, Catalog
Mary Kate O’Boyle - Client Service Manager
Zeshan Choudhry - Senior Coordinator, Royalty Processing
Amanda Lewis - Royalty Processing Coordinator
Gabrielle D'Angelo - Royalty Processing Coordinator
Keira Wade - Royalty Processing Coordinator
Julie Carpenter - Catalogue & Receipts Processing Coordinator
Derek Stewart - Registrations Coordinator
Thea McKay - Registrations Coordinator
Taylor Docherty - Registrations Coordinator

Executive Assistants

Kathryn Keating - Executive Assistant to the CEO
Laura Hargrave - Executive Assistant to SVP, Finance & Administration

Business Operations & Human Resources

Stephanie Haas - Senior Director, Human Resources
Erica Lebovic - Senior Office Coordinator
Stephanie Watson - Office Manager - Nashville
Erin Clausen - Office Coordinator - Los Angeles Office
Tamara Kvashilava - Office Coordinator

Strategic Operations

Tyler Hurst - Director, Strategic Operations

Synchronization & Licensing

Randall Foster - Senior Director, Creative Licensing
Brandon Schott - Senior Director, Synchronization & Licensing
Diana Beas - Senior Manager, Synch Placement, Synchronization & Licensing
Lauren Harman - Senior Manager, Synch Placement, Synchronization & Licensing
James Jacoby - Manager, Synchronization & Licensing


Tom Leighton - Senior Manager, Digital
Will Mountain - Senior Digital Coordinator
Alexander Patterson - Senior Digital Coordinator
Brandon Hendry - Digital Coordinator
Enrique Soissa - Client Services Manager, Digital Business Development

Label Group

Jennifer Essiembre - Director, Label Group
Sylvia Lindae - Senior Director, Marketing
Andy Hawke - Manager, A&R
Dante Berardi Jr. - Project Coordinator, Label Group
Andy Curran - Consultant, Label Group
Mhairi Holmer - Manager, Administration, Label Group
Zara Abbasi - Coordinator, Royalties & Administration
Taylor Moreau - Community Coordinator

ole TV

Paul McGuire - Producer/Host
Robyn Le Sauvage - Production Coordinator