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Timbaland Productions is becoming home to many fresh new talents that are capable of carrying the Timbaland legacy forward & beyond. Milli Beatz--who’s already sealed major placements with Mosley Music Group’s latest sensation, Tink, with records like “Around The Clock” & “L.E.A.S.H.”, as well as Bryson Tiller’s breakout hit “Sorry Not Sorry”--is leading the pack of the “new school” under the Timbaland brand’s roof.

The Germany-based producer began his craft in music production after his Mother bought him home a Casio keyboard once noticing his developing passion for music. When he first began to dabble into the profession, he wasn’t as solemn as he would soon become months later when he realized his talent & potential.

“As a child, I listened to a lot of music. My favorite songs were by Timbaland, who of course has inspired me. I went almost every day to the music store after school.

In the music store, I found a program called FL Studio. After a few months, I saved the money and I went back to the music store, purchased FL Studio, and started to build beats with it. The beats were not that good, then, but I knew that it would just get better because I made beats every day after school. Nothing else. Only music. Many years later, Timbaland found me”

As someone from Germany who wasn’t acclimated to the plethora of music being pumped out of the United States, especially Hip-Hop, Milli began to build his sound based on the foundation laid out by super-producer, Timbaland--he alone goes on to serve as Milli Beatz’s biggest producer influence. Tim “Timbaland” Mosley as a “beatsmith” as well a person has been an inspiration to Milli’s craft.

“My influences are from the music of Timbaland. I'm very inspired by his music and him as a person… Which has been imprinted in my subconscious. I have literally only heard Timbaland music. I try to develop myself with his music & invent something new. I created sounds and drum kits to combine with my own creativity and it works quite well. My teacher Timbaland showed me many tricks.”

Milli entered into the realm of Hip-Hop production solely building off of the Mosley sound. One of the toughest hurdles for him as a growing beatsmith is finding sounds that don’t exist already, but he’s learned many “tricks” to manipulate music working under Timbaland Productions.

Milli, being very humble with what he does, wants nothing more from his success but to be beautiful in the world & make great music. Even with such a selfless attitude towards his growth, he still intends to break barriers & create hits for artists such as Rihanna, Jay-Z, & more. Under the management of Larry “Larry Live” Lyons, CEO of Livehouse Entertainment, Milli has grown tremendously & will seal his position indubitably as a force to be reckoned with musically. He & Lyons crossed paths after Timbaland flew him out to Virginia to record in his Studio, Thomas Crown Studios.

“8 months ago, Timbaland let me fly to Virginia from Switzerland. I was very afraid to fly 14 hours. When I arrived and saw Larry in the airport, he welcomed me with open arms. Larry is a very good person and manager. I’m blessed. I am glad that I have a manager who cares about me. Larry and his company Livehouse Entertainment do all the work for me. I'm early in my career.  Larry is career-minded & helps me with my career. I'm glad to be a part of Livehouse. I say it again, I am blessed.”





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