Music was always there when I grew up. My parents were sort of the sixties hippie cliché. I heard somewhere they met at a Black Sabbath show in the early seventies. Might be the reason they chose the same name for their wooden 40 foot boat, before taking me and my brother for a cruise around the world. I don’t remember much from that period. However, there was always plenty of time to sing, shout and dance. Go figure. We were on a boat for two days straight with no land in sight. After nearly three years at sea our family headed back to Denmark where I started my new life in school. It was awesome. My folks had picked a wonderful little private school based in a forest just outside the city of Kolding, Denmark. Music being the driving force of this place supported me and my deep interest in instruments and sounds. Later on a couple of the kids and I formed our first rock’n’roll band, ’Ramble’. We were digging on Hank Williams, Bill Haley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and the likes and in general I have to say, that the old 50’s and 60’s classics’ always were- and still are my biggest inspirations. I still get the chills from songs like ’Stand by me’ and ’ ’Rock around the clock’, Lucille’ and especially my all time favorite ‘when a man loves a woman’. I took an early interest in vinyl and being the son of a couple of music freaks there were plenty to discover. The Beatles, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Bowie, The Stones and many more. I went through their entire catalogs over and over again. Then came the late eighties and I went guitar rock. I will never forget when a friend of mine first played me the intro of AC/DC’s ’Highway to Hell’ or ‘Kashmir’ from Led Zeppelin..later Guns’n’Roses’ ’Paradise City’ ..I was blown away.

I instantly fell in love with guitar-based melodic rock and It hasn’t changed a bit today. Around sixteen, I had to make a choice, or at least find a direction in life for myself (in some fashion) and music was all I needed to get by. I skipped out of high school and went for it. Singing and playing guitar, in a load of different set ups until I took some of my songs to the local radio station DJ who had a nice little recording set up – not really a recording studio, but there were mics – and he was able to help me record ’em. I landed a deal with a small indie label (starsound) in ’95. I was eighteen at the time and over excited. The album came out, no huge commercial success AT ALL, but a lot of fun and touring and all in all a great learning experience for me. One of them being is that I am not an artist. I am a songwriter and I’ve been ever since.

I foremost consider myself the melody-man, basically meaning I like coming up with a catchy arrangement in the basic instruments, combined with an appealing and easy to remember a melodic line. I also like coming up with ’titles’ that can be used as an inspiration for the lyrics ahead. I’m always curious towards co-writes and appreciate meeting all sorts of talented songwriters being big guns or never before heard of ones. We’re all in the same boat and we’re all just trying to write that perfect song. I started working in the states around 2001, when I was invited to L.A by a longtime cowriter of mine, Amy. I stayed with Amy and her husband out in Mendocino near Pasadena and I learned a lot at this point in my carrier. Several years and co-writes later I turned my interests to Nashville, TN and I fell in love with the city, the people and the music the minute my feed set ground.

In 2009, I started a new chapter in life founding JAM. I wanted to build a global network of songwriters and composers who could compose and produce songs and music for film and TV.  Traveling all these years had given me the perfect opportunity and a huge network of talented people. Today I am proud to say that JAM has turned into a successful and creative business, privileged to provide songs and music, even sound design and concept development to companies like Lucas Film, Walt Disney, Cartoon Network, LEGO, Pepsi Co, BBC, HBO and many more.