You want to write hit songs that receive national and global acclaim. You want a better return from your existing catalog, more film and television syncs, and the ability to travel and co-write with the best talent in the world. You also want timely and effective collection of all of the money that’s due to you, wherever in the world it is earned.


When you are published by ole, you deal directly with the owners of the company. That means we deliver the best, most personalized music publishing representation in the world. More than 60 years of collective experience in music publishing gives us access to key songwriting and collaborative opportunities around the world. We also have a comprehensive collection system that allows us to collect in all global territories where your songs are being played.


We know the value of the work you’ve created because we understand songwriters and composers, and their creative legacy. We also know publishing, and are prepared to provide significant advances that you can take advantage of—as have many of your colleagues.


We’re passionate about songs and the people who write, compose and use music creatively around the world. We’re passionate about communication and the value that music brings to all traditional and new media.  Most of all, ole is passionate about leaving no stone unturned in making our songs and compositions successful.

Our vision is to be the best and most innovative global destination for world class songwriters, composers, and management talent and the first choice music source for creators in all media.