You want a sub-publisher in a foreign territory who treats your catalog and money as if it were their own. You need the thorough and aggressive collection of all your royalty income. To do this, a sub-publisher must have the experience, key industry relationships and the technological tools to collect all of your income and remit it as quickly as possible. You also want a sub-publisher that is focused on the creative placement and proactive promotion of your songs in film, television, commercials, games and other media. In short, you want added value.


 has the largest, most experienced publishing staff in Canada.  ole also has personnel working in-house to analyze income and proactively prevent potential collection problems. Additionally, the Creative staff is dedicated to catalog marketing.  ole's global staff of music publishing professionals works tirelessly to ensure completeness of collections. Consequently, Sub-Publishing clients – such as Discovery, and Bucks Music – chose us to ensure they have only the best in the business working for them. For almost every publisher we collect for, we have substantially increased their collections.

Industry Relationships
Our contacts at the most senior levels of SOCAN, SODRAC, ASCAP, SESAC, BMI, CSHF, CIRPA, CCMA, CARAS and HFA provide us with access to information that is critical to our business and your income.

Aggressive Collection
We are you in our territory. Our relationships and board positions put us “in the know” about key collection issues and enable us to act quickly to claim your income. No other publisher in Canada has a local staff as large and dedicated to administration as ole. In fact, most publishers do their Canadian administration from the US. But Canada is not the US and requires its own dedicated solution in an increasingly complex rights environment. 

Our technology is state-of-the-art and CWR2 compliant as well as transparent via adminow, the ole online e-tool which allows end users the ultimate in up to date online account visibility. Whether it is collecting royalties on songs, or cue sheets from film and television, we have the technology to ensure accuracy and thoroughness. When it comes to pitching your songs, we utilize our extensive network of personal relationships, dedicated samplers, events sponsorships, a monthly e-newsletter, and a song ‘search engine’: greatsongsnow. 

Proactive Creative 
ole has an experienced group focused on pitching the songs we represent to the music, film and television community. This experience, matched with our technological reach, means we can present material to important creative decision-makers when it matters. 

The ole Catalog
We are the largest independent music publisher in Canada with over 50,000 titles and 60,000 hrs of television music under our control. We are also the administrator or sub-publisher for Nelvana, Porchlight, National Film Board of Canada, Arcadia Entertainment, Breakthrough Films, CCI Entertainment, Cookie Jar, Sinking Ship, Random House, and Discovery.

We have the capital to advance on even the largest global catalogs.


To be the best and most innovative global destination for world class songwriters, composers, and management talent and the first choice music source for creators in all media.